We created a purpose-built platform with many features, apps, and capabilities designed to operate simply for everyone.

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Your look. Your workflows. Your brand. Vinna reflects your mission - its why we're the best kept secret.

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Integration Friendly

Connectivity to your business systems, partners, and other cloud systems create seamless ways to offer convenience to your users.

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Force for Good

Software with a conscience. We deliver a wide variety of apps to insure your good work can be shared, discovered, and engaged.

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Over 29+ apps
with many custom components

Enough choices to serve, enough customizations to be dangerous.

Device Agnostic

Works on laptops, tablets, phones; Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle, and more.


Food & Agriculture. Healthcare. Global Public Good Initiatives. Vinna works across all verticals.



Personalized, not prescriptive. Whether its phones, text messages, emails, or chat, your users have choice.


Whether its sharing publicly or working together, globally accessible documents speed knowledge sharing.

Discover a new way

A platform that serves



We understand you have unique opportunities, and your software should live and breathe your business. Meet Vinna: customized portal software focused on you, your users, and successful adoption and engagement towards your mission.


Our Team

From the start, our team built something special.

David Neuman

Senior Engineer whose code ninja skills are like Bruce Lee combined with Jackie Chan.

Eric Hoffman

Product Visionary and first developer who wonders where the time went and can't believe how his baby has grown.

Rachael Malberg

Senior Developer who believes snowshoeing at lunch is the trick to awesome code.

Our coordinators, helpdesk and quality assurance teams have one mission: help your team and customers succeed.

Working Together

No two groups are alike and we celebrate this


Power to the People

Groups, by any name, are most powerful when provided tools and the ability to work together without barrier to accomplish their goals, whether its cross-agency collaboration or person-to-person support.

Custom Apps

Help is on the way

Not every app works just how you want: our custom apps can help groups discover new data, provide deeper insights, or broaden your adoption and engagement in your business.

Our workflow

We actually meet with you before we implement. No fooling. Collaboration by example.


Discuss how Vinna works and what opportunities exist to support your business or startup.



Review all the features, and choose the ingredients to make your customization a special recipe. Phase


Deliver any customizations to workflows, look and feel, and deploy to our highly reliable and secure infrastructure


What our partners say

Our clients are really partners. We love them.

"Always professional. Work is done with a high level of integrity. He has a vast knowledge of programming and computer systems, and the opportunities these entities can provide in an online community."
J. Pierquet
Sr. Project Manager
"...outstanding for the enormous technical demands...places user experience and client feedback at a premium and has amazing abilities to transform business needs into workable solutions."
C. Rigdon
Team Supervisor
"If you want good work, great knowledge, high expertise, and a great with Vinna, because they give good results! I would recommend him fully!"
S. Cartmill
Senior Account Executive

Getting Work Done

Users adopting a platform relies on value-added tools.


Voices to be Heard

Using integrated tools like surveys help expedite your work, whether its gathering end-user ideas, data from in the field, or assessing needs, our powerful but simple surveys securely collects your data.

Mobile Apps

Work Where You Want

In the field, on the bus, or even now on the plane, our platform is ready to work while mobile. Vinna also works with custom-developed mobile apps the integrate with the platform providing simpler workflows and real time data.

Video & Photo

Beyond Documents

Documents are great, but how about a picture? A video? Is that video in the correct format? Never worry with our auto-conversion service to insure videos and photos are always ready, on any device.


Work Better Together

Some information is best shared in private groups. Often we want to wisdom of the community and our discussion capabilities drive ideas forward and consensus in a simple, secure way.

Contact Us

We'd love to show you a demo and talk about how Vinna can help you.

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Vinna software is a suite of apps that is tuned to deliver incredible value to your growing business or startup. Meet your mission, go to market, or simply improve collaboration amongst your groups.

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